Day 1.

Departure from Tirana 06:00. Tirana – Koman (bus) Coman-Fierze (ferry) continued to Bajram Curri, Tropoje district centers with 8,000 residents. A panoramic visit the local museum, the bust of Bajram Curri. Then travel to the fabulous valley stopping at the canyon of The Shoshajve, Dragobi Lake Xhema, Sokol tower of Fatima. Tourists enjoy the majesty of the peaks described in the ballad of “Muji and Halili”. During the trip looked at 10 top height over 2500 meters, reaching in Valbona. Accommodation in hostels or hotels. Dinner with kitchen area. Music by the likes of DJ (against an extra fee can display the folk show, with dancing area).

Day 2 .

After breakfast departure for the Bajram Curri – Gjakova 36 km. Gjakova has a typical shopping Osman, Eat Haraçisë, Jakovsë mosque. The founder is a Catholic priest from UES can be offered lunch in Cabrat, the dominant point of Djakovica, or be left to Prizren to the old town, where there are more opportunities to visit history, Ottoman ariktekture (Gjakova – Prizren 39 km). In Prizren visited about Prizren (1 euro entry), after a 30-60 min we can do  shooping at the center of town. …. Departure for Kukes, passed by the 5890 meter tunnel Kalimash. A Mark close Rubik coffee …. and then Tirana.


  • Bus Trip
  • The hotel or guesthouse with breakfast and dinner.

Special rates 55 Euro Persons

No ferry tickets included 300 ALL.