This is an excellent opportunity to see the wild side of the Albanian Riviera and experience something out of the ordinary.

The nearby Canyon of Gjipe is situated in the lower part of the Gjipe , between Vuno and Ilias, two villages close to the Beach of  Gjipe. This canyon represents a narrow strait, created by the activity of the brook flowing through its narrow pass. It measures over 800m long, 10-20m wide and possesses a few shallow caves. The cracks on the cliffs make it very difficult to climb down the walls of the canyon without professional equipment. Climbing up and down the Gjipe  is very dangerous because of falling rocks and is inadvisable. The scenery is amazing and close by is the beach of Gjipe with clean sand and sea, small caves and a rocky shore. To explore the canyon, drive towards the beach from the National Road (about 20 minutes) to Gjipe Beach and explore the bottom of the canyon from there. Accommodation and dinner is possible in the nearby villages of Vuno or Dhërmi.


You should allow a whole day for this trip – due to our inexperience in rock climbing and inadequote equipment, it took us originally 6 hrs to cross it the first time. This trip can be combined with an overnight stay on the idyllic Gjipe beach and a visit to the ruins of St Theodor’s Monastery.

  • Length of the walk through the Gjipe canyon

2,5km – stony and rocky path, partially very steep and dangerous. Can be slippery during wet weather or rainy season. Climbing necessary in a few places.

  •  Difficulty

Very difficult. Be warned though, this is an unmarked walk, almost nobody knows about it, so if you get stuck or get hurt on the way, there is little chance of help; you are responsible for your own safety there. This walk is very demanding physically and recommended only for the more adventurous type of tourists or climbers – and not recommended for a single person alone.

  •  Time required

3-5hrs down through the canyon, depending on skills and equipment. Allow at least 1hr for return leg.

  •  Things to take

Ropes, cords and webbing equipment. Food, light source, plenty of water.

  •  Return leg to reach your car

4,5km uphill but easy walk, first along a stony road (1,5km) and then an asphalt road (3km).