The taste of Spring

18th Apr 2016

I grasp a bicycle by hand, I ride it without ceasing  and  go there where the  heart beats… in the Highlands! Gasping for breath I say to the mountain… The Spring Came! And now the mountain, utters and echoes back… THE SPRING CAME!

  • The Welcome Drink: 1 Cocktail in “Luleborë” bar.
  • Accommodation in double rooms in Green Atmosphere.
  • The Dinner of Spring: A three course menu
  • The Breakfast of Spring: Wheat bread baked in wood furnace, flower honey, jams of season, organic cow milk, pasteurized milk, cheese prepared by cow milk mixed with sheep one,  butter prepared by cow milk mixed  with sheep one, organic yogurt , boiled eggs,  omelette, poached eggs, sausages, cereals with corn blades, chocolate cereals, cherry juice, apricot juice, strawberry juice, fresh fruit, water, coffee.
  • The Evening of Shtregulla: After 22.00 a Small Feast in the Resort Verandah “Hija e Maleve” with Fire & Hardiç & Fresh Fruit.
  • I Ride a Bike: (On Saturday) 1 Spring Walk with Mountain Bike through trails and narrow strips of land.
  • The Walk of Spring: (On Sunday) All together in the Fresh Air, in valleys and gardens in the company of a guide.
  • Games in the field before the Resort/ Table games, Chess, Backgammon, Cards with one-another
  • Bathing, Relaxing and Sauna in the closed Inner Swimming Pool “Mrizi i Zanave”. Timetable:10.00-22.00
  • Check out: On Sunday/ According to your Will, when it is possible

Valid till 22 JUNE

*Individual transport

PACKAGE PRICE   1NIGHT/2DAYS (On Saturdays)                           59Eur/PER PERSON/ALL INCLUDED AS ABOVE MENTIONED                             PACKAGE PRICE   2NIGHTS/3 DAYS (Friday and Saturday)           89Eur/PER PERSON/ALL INCLUDED AS ABOVE MENTIONED

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