24th Feb 2016

 “E BUKRA E DHEUT” – (“E Bukra e Dheut” in Albanian fables, in the people fantasy  is a beautiful female, the most beautiful one of all the lands, not of waters, not of the skies, but especially of the lands. She is not a Fairy. She has no description, she is called only E Bukra e Dheut.) 


A Pleasant Memory, an Unforgettable Moment, a Reconciliation after a Quarrel, a Birthday, a Present for your Beloved…

                            (It is the concept of making a couple feel happy) 

  • The Welcome Drink: A bottle of Spumante in your Room. And the Two of You “E Bukra e Dheut” & “I Bukri i Dheut”   in the whispers of each another.
  • Accommodation in Junior – Suit  “E Bukra e Dheut” / in a Double room  in a Romantic Atmosphere.
  • The Dinner “E Bukra e Dheut” with a 5-course menu, in a Table prepared only for You Two
  • The Next Day Breakfast . You may have a late one.
  • Swimming & Stretching in Wooden Chaise  in the Inner Swimming Pool “Mrizi i Zanave”

(2 Toilette Mantles and Slippers For Comings and Goings from your Room to the Swimming Pool)

  • A Special Session of Sauna, in the Steamy Atmosphere where you can Caress Each-Other
  • A Haphazard Walk Wandering among the Trees emitting Aroma and Trails that will have Sense only for  YOU TWO
  • A Film in a Memory Cinema “Vallja e Yjeve”


VALID DURING ALL THE YEAR                             1 NIGHT/ 2 DAYS

THE PACKAGE PRICE                                65 EUR



* For other information call us :    +355 69 5821609  / +355 68 2124118


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