5 Days tour in Albania

29th Dec 2015

Day 1 : Arrival at  Airport in Tirana. Transfer from the airport in Tirana. Accommodation at the hotel. Visit the National History Museum and Exhibition of Folk Culture, the Archaeological Museum, the Gallery of Fine Arts. Visit the monument “Mother […]

Pegasos Travel

24th Dec 2015

We are here for you and with you. If you heard about Albania’s history, art, culture, music, architecture, stone cities, trust me you do not know anything. Pegasos Travel  gives you the opportunity to walk ,touch, feel closer these countries […]

Porto Palermo Castle

19th Feb 2015

Porto Palermo Castle is a castle near Himarë in southern Albania. It is situated in the bay of Porto Palermo, a few kilometers south of Himarë along the Albanian Riviera.The information on this castle that is distributed by the locals […]

Gjipe canyon and beach

19th Feb 2015

This is an excellent opportunity to see the wild side of the Albanian Riviera and experience something out of the ordinary. The nearby Canyon of Gjipe is situated in the lower part of the Gjipe , between Vuno and Ilias, […]

Albanian tourism packages

25th Mar 2014

Mountain Tourism Thethi  is a great place to visit if you are looking for a combination of beautiful landscapes and traditional Albanian hospitality. This village is surrounded by walls of picturesque mountains that show great biodiversity.  Thethi is the perfect […]